“Çınar İplik” was found and started its work in the textile industry by Kadir Karakuş in 1989. During the first years the company was mostly stressing on the trade operations of fiber. In the year of 1994 with the sudden attack “Çınar İplik” started its production with 1 (one) open-end machine and continued the renovation and development since after.


In 1997 when the factory entered to its first revision it has gained new technologies for open-end and back/rear groups.


In the year of 2003 by using the industry's newest product of the company Saurer Schlafhorst, “Çınar İplik” was the first to implement the world’s technology and innovation that has taken the company even further.


With the addition 1 (one) open-end machine to the production line in 2004, “Çınar İplik” has quadrupled its production since the foundation.



The management within the corporate integrity has continued to its revisions and in the year of 2006 company’s closed area that used to be 2600 m2 was doubled and reached 5200 m2. Within ongoing investments in renovations uptill 2011 our company took a decision for new contributions according to which a new factory, dimensions that are 7200 m2, was built on the same existing field.


Hereby, in the company’s 12.400 m2 closed area with 8 (eight) open-end, the production of yarn has been accelerated. As well as the latest technology of open-end facility “Çınar İplik” is one of the first enterprises that has used BD448s in the world.


Therefore with the strong technological infrastructure, qualified human resources and product brand value our company is confidently looking into the future. Within each day of developing and changing world  “Çınar İplik” has been holding a high level of revision and implementation practicality and with its contributions to the Turkish and world economy is confidently moving forward.